In this video I'm talking about Agile software development and in particular about how t-shirt size estimation compares to story points estimation.Estimating software delivery tends to be tiring, mundane and thankless task - we always feel we're not accurate enougn, we always feel we should do better, yet we never can reach certain level of accuracy.I think it's normal and instead of pushing for perfect estimations we schould focus more on other, more important things. In order to facilitate the estimation and free ourselves from comparing numbers and calculating velocity, we can use t-shirt size estimation, which boils down to fixed, non-numerical scale. That simple change, removing numbers in order to focus more on team's feeling, can have a very positive impact!

🎥 Video timeline
0:00 Intro
0:45 Why points estimation is not that great?
3:05 How t-shirt size estimation can be better?
6:50 What are problems with t-shirt sizes?
8:00 Outro