In this video I'm talking about passion and why, contrary to a popular opinion, I believe it is not necessary in order to be a good software developer.

I realize my take might not be very popular. Do you agree with it or do you thinkit's impossible to be a good developer without passion for coding?


0:00 Intro

0:46 Passion in other jobs

2:59 Passion in software development

3:58 How to be good at anything

5:39 Why employers abuse the word "passion"

7:34 Job like any other

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  • passion is mentioned often in job offers
  • I think not only passion is not necessary to be a good developer, also I think companies don't care about it
  • so why is it so commonly threw around as a requirement?

Non-passionate success

  • I have a dentist I go to whenever I'm in my hometown
  • he always does great job and I can trust him
  • stomatology is his job, but not his passion
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • huge basketball talent, but preferred football
  • started playing to help his parents
  • took him 2 years to realize his talent and take it seriously
  • worked hard because he was used to working hard, not because he was passionate about basketball

Passion does not mean skill

  • I've worked with some great programmers
  • some of them were passionate about coding
  • they do side projects and try new things in their spare time
  • some of them have other passions they follow
  • during work they do their best, and after work they spend time with their families, they travel, make videos or take photos
  • I've also worked with average of below average programmers
  • among them were people doing it purely for money, but also people who are passionate about coding

How to become better

  • talent + hard work + smart decisions
  • not all are equal
  • these are only internal things, of course there are external factors like wealth or luck
  • where does the passion fit here?
  • passion can keep you motivated to work hard
  • passion can help you make smart decisions
  • but passion itself is not a must have here

Is passion useless?

  • not at all!
  • I'm sure there is correlation between passion and success
  • passion will keep you going
  • the passion itself does not make you good
  • lack of passion does not make you bad
  • programming is a profession like any other
  • you can do it whatever your motivation is
  • it's a relatively easy market, you don't need to be among the best to make a good living