In this video I'm talking about micromanagement. A lot of people ask - is there something wrong with me or is my boss a micromanager? I'm here to answer this question - I'll explain what is micromanagement, how micromanagers stiffle their teams and why people become (conciously or not) micromanagers.

Working with micromanagers is often challenging and very exhausting, both mentally and emotionally. In this episode I'm talking about how to recognize a micromanager and what are 3 different types of micromanagers. Next week I'm going to follow up with a video about how to work with micromanaging boss.

🎥 Video timeline:

0:00 Intro
1:05 Micromanagers want to know everything
1:39 Micromanagers want to make all decisions
2:40 Micromanagers are obsessed with irrelevant details
3:26 Micromanagers are obsessed with reports and updates
4:03 Micromanagers fail to delegate
5:17 Why do people micromanage
6:00 New managers
6:45 Afraid managers
7:20 Mircomanagement believers
8:36 Outro